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Custom Doll Pricing

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Please see the prices for my dolls below. Prices do NOT include shipping. Dolls will ship Priority Mail in the USA. Overseas shipping will only be priority on request. Sadly prices are high to ship out of country (most dolls start at $20) 

In the following table these dolls are made from knit fabric only.
Solid colors look the best.

under 6 weeks1/4 inch$25
7 weeks1/2 inch$25
8 weeks1 inch$25
9 weeks1 1/2 inch$25

10 - 13 weeks are now available in high quality COTTON fabric!
These are hand sewn.

10 weeks2 inchesn/a$30
 11 weeks 2 1/2 inchesn/a$30
 12 weeks 3 inches.5 oz$35
 13 weeks 4 inches1 oz$35

The following dolls are done with a sewing machine on cotton fabric.
I can use flannel but I prefer cotton when it's available.

 14 weeks 5 inches1.5 oz$40
 15 weeks 6 inches2.5 oz$40
 16 weeks 7 inches3.5 oz$45
 17 weeks 8 inches5 oz$45
 18 weeks 9 inches6.5 oz$50
 20 weeks 10 inches10.5 oz$60
 22 weeks 11 inches15 oz$70
 24 weeks 12 inches1 lb$80
 26 weeks 13 inches1.5 lb$90
 28 weeks 14 inches2 lb$100
 30 weeks 15 inches3 lb$125
 32 weeks 16 inches4 lb$150
 34 weeks 17 inches5 lb$175
 36 weeks 18 inches5.5 lb$200
 38 weeks 19 inches6 lb$225
 40 weeks 20 inches7 lb$250

Payment Plan

We can discuss a payment plan if you need one. I will only do these for doll orders over $70 and buyer will be responsible for the additional paypal fees. 

Float to the Top

On occasion I will offer a float to the top option through my Facebook Page. There is a charge for the float which does NOT go towards the cost of the doll.

Looking for the link to get on the waiting list? Click here